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RE: Creating a Board Game from Children's Books...

Children's books are an amazing gift to children (and adults) because they instill values, fire imaginations, pique curiosity and teach about the realities of life's journey in a way that inspires the wonder of the child.
Journeying through the story in a Children's Book is a lot like ANY good adventure...

Think about YOUR favorite classic children's books. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is one of my personal favorites. But many ALSO love Treasure Island, The Wizard of Oz, The Secret Garden, Call of the Wild (another favorite) and MANY others. Each story presents us with an adventure...a a mysterious or magical place full of experiences and lessons along the way.

Our journey reveals many clues about our final destination. We meet new characters, interact with surprise discoveries and sometimes encounter challenges that affect our path.

But those magical adventures aren't JUST perfect for books…

Not long ago I realized that any game worth playing is a LOT like reading a great book, except that we experience the story in a different way...a much more interactive way! As a matter of fact, all the elements that make classic children's books SO enjoyable are the SAME elements that make board games so enjoyable!
“That Discovery Changed Everything!”

Think about a book, you get to read about the adventures and experiences of the characters. In a game, you get to BE the character having the adventure and experiences!
Can you see how turning a Public Domain book (or YOUR book) into a game can be MUCH
more enjoyable? For sure, right!
“But I Have No Idea HOW to Create a Board Game!”
Believe it or not, creating a board game is actually easier than you might think. There IS a process to it, but the story actually provides the clues to the entire process. All the heavy-lifting is already done thanks to the story you use! 

Listen, I'm SURE you have questions. When I first started this process, I did as well. Now I have the ANSWERS and I'd love to share them with you! Whether you want to create a game just for the fun of the experience, for your children or grandchildren, OR to license or sell it commercially, I have a brand-new training that I think you're going to love...I'm SO excited about this!
“An Invitation for YOU!”

I am sharing these simple-to-use game creation strategies in a brand-new, beginner-friendly training. These methods are PERFECT for ANYONE who wants to turn their favorite children's book into a board game...EVEN children! I'm calling the training, “Games from Books” and I can't wait to share my discoveries with you!
“Games from Books”

In this brand-new, 4-Module, game-changing training, I will be sharing... 
  • Module 1: How ANY Children’s Book Can Become a Game.
  • Module 2: Deciding on Your Game’s Story Elements.
  • Module 3: Designing Your Book-Inspired Game.
  • Module 4: Game Production Options, Marketing and More!
  • BONUS: All Slides as a Downloadable PDF.
  • BONUS: “Easily Create  Your Own Card Decks for Fun and Profit” Video Training. 
“Imagine Being Able to Turn ANY Children’s Story
...from the Public Domain or even Your Own...
Into a Fun-to-Play Game! Made by YOU!
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  • BONUS – All Slides as a Downloadable PDF.
  • BONUS – “Easily Create Your Own Card Decks for Fun and Profit” Video Training.
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